We volunteer at local schools and our very own community classroom

Local Schools

VCV volunteers are placed into local primary schools catered to English education. This is an exciting opportunity to gain genuine teaching experience in a real classroom setting. During these classes you are assisted by a local Vietnamese teacher, who can help aid you in any way.

These classes are a manageable size, usually between 6 to 40 students. The children are energetic, enthusiastic and most students have been learning English from a young age.

Classes are well structured and teaching material is provided that corresponds to the curriculum of the school.

Community Classes

At VCV, we have our very own community classroom. These classes are the heart of our organization. Attendees are young adults in university/high school or those working professionally. Since these are community classes they are catered to everyone and we welcome those with social or economic disabilities in the hopes of improving their prospects through English language.

Class topics are varied with plenty of opportunity to share stories, experiences, and perspectives. Classes here are more relaxed; you will be have the ability to get to know one another personally.


Community Outreach

Each month, we do community outreach by going into the city centre and providing food for the local homeless community. We go at the time of the night market; so you will also have time to spend shopping or visiting a local bar.

We bring small packs of assorted snacks, milk, and water. VCV provides these packages, but you can also make your own, if you choose.


Social Outings and Culture Trips

Each Sunday, the VCV community will have an optional outing for both students and teachers to experience a cultural or social activity. This includes outings to museums, cultural centers, outdoor sites, or conversing at a local coffee shop or over meals.

This is a great time to learn more about your students and get to know one another outside a classroom setting.

We encourage you to attend these events to promote cultural exchange, friendships, and see Hanoi from a local view. It is a way most short term visitors would never get the opportunity to experience Vietnam.


Sound fun?