Live abroad, Learn new skills, Impact the lives of others

At VCV, we are looking for people who will match our ethos. We aim to create a fun, easy-going & most importantly, family-like atmosphere. Here, we will not only work together, but also share food, stories and experiences. Students will be more than simply students, they will become your friends & guides.

To become a volunteer teacher, we do not require a teaching certificate or any teaching experience, or even require being a native speaker. However, we do require that you speak English to an advanced level, with a clear accent. We ask this because we hope to give our students the best quality experience and education that they can get.

You work no more than 25 hours/5 days a week, so you will have plenty of free time to discover Vietnamese culture and nearby sites.

Volunteers can expect to make life-long friends and learn about Vietnamese culture. You can also expect to meet lots of new people from all over the world. In doing such valuable work, your communication skills, confidence and cultural awareness will improve. These are all skills that you can take with you onto the next stage of your life, with fond memories that will stay with you forever.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page or Contact Us.


What You Get

  • Work and life experience

  • The chance to meet new people and make friends

  • The opportunity to help others

  • Higher self-confidence

  • A meaningful fun experience

  • Explore a beautiful country and discover the rich cultures


What Do We Need

VCV is a FREE experience. We do not take ‘fees’ for any of our projects. We simply ask for an exchange; work for a Home, Meals and an Experience. We ask all volunteers to teach English for 4-5hrs a day with 2 days off per week (dependent on centre and schedule).


The requirements to join VCV

  • Volunteers must be over 18yrs

  • Volunteers should be fluent in English

  • Volunteers need a clear accent

  • A copy of your passport with 12+ months validity

  • A copy of your flight details

  • We recommend travel/life personal insurance too

  • Prepared to teach students for 4-5hrs per day

  • Committed to 8/12+ Weeks (depending on centre)

  • Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun!


What Do We Provide?

We provide the accommodation, 3 meals a day and assistance from start to finish. We want to deliver an experience, we want you to enjoy Vietnam, enjoy your timer with us and enjoy teaching English with us.


What We At VCV Will Provide:

  • An individual bed in a shared room

  • Access to shared bathroom

  • Wi-Fi, Laundry, Rest Area, Blanket & Pillows

  • We can help with Visa assistance

  • We will pick you up from the airport

  • We provide an official volunteer Certificate

  • A letter of recommendation can be provided

  • Day trips with us will be with our students as guides

  • Assisting you with lessons & teaching


Sound fun?