VCV offers projects in Hanoi center. Every year, hundreds of volunteers join our projects in teaching English inside and outside the classroom. Some examples are exchanging cultures, exploring cuisines and giving charity to homeless. We are proud of the positive impact that we have in enhancing the lives of both the volunteers and the students who learn English with us.


Help with teaching English in our non-profit classes.

 Natasha and her class in Van Phu.

Natasha and her class in Van Phu.

Teaching Children in Hanoi centre.

Class size: 6-15. Material: teaching assistants, detailed lesson plan, list of games, whiteboard, flash cards (4-8 years old). There are detailed teaching guides for these classes for you to follow.

Throughout your class, our Vietnamese-speaking assistants will be on hand to help you explain lesson plans to the children. The children are very nice, enthusiastic and eager to learn. They have some experiences with learning English previously.

These classes are more structured, so you'll be able to apply your existing experience in a new environment or gain teaching experience in a welcoming atmosphere. This is an opportunity to gain genuine teaching experience in a classroom setting.



Teaching Adults in Hanoi centre.

You'll help: the unemployed and disadvantaged youth better their chances in improving their lives; university students looking to improve their English to increase their future job prospects; business professionals hoping to be more competitive in the work place; and any one else that we can find! Topics are varied and there is plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, exchange language skills, and gain knowledge of our culture and way of life. 

The students are enthusiastic learners, very friendly and always eager to help out our volunteers. They regularly offer to guide volunteers and we organise weekly day trips to various sites around and near Hanoi. This is a great environment to exchange culture, meet new people and gain teaching experience for children and adults.

 Yvo and his class in Kim Van.

Yvo and his class in Kim Van.


Help with free activities in Hanoi.

Besides teaching students inside the class we aim to increase their confidence, conversational abilities and skills in the workplace. This is done by having a cultural exchange between volunteers and students, including kids and adults on Sundays (which are optional for volunteers to attend). We focus on free activities such as team building, free talk, picnic, food tour, field trip, football, etc. This is a great way to share experience, explore Vietnam and participate in cultural exchanges through the local people, foods, and customs. If you have any work experiences/skills to share with the students, you are welcome to organise your own as well. They are also happy to share your local culture.

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Help students

practice English in a Coffee shop.


Explore and help practice English on a day trip.


Picnic together with students.


Help with teambuilding to work well in groups.


Giving food to the homeless in the Old Quarter.


Explore Vietnamese cuisine through a food tour.