What sort of teaching skills will I need? 

We require that you speak English to an advanced level and with a clear accent. We ask of this because we hope to give our students the best quality experience and education.

Where would I teach?

There are a variety of classes that volunteers teach, all in Hanoi and within close proximity to the volunteer apartment. Some of the classes are within walking distance, others are a 15-30 minutes drive for which we provide transport.

How many hours a day will I be teaching and how many days a week?   

VCV volunteers work no more than 20 classroom hours per week in the afternoon and evening or in the morning and evening. Volunteers have lots of day time to explore Hanoi or relaxing. Typically volunteers teach 5 days per week. We also host an optional outing once per week with the students to encourage casual conversation and friendships.

I do not have a teaching certificate and experience. Can I teach?

Volunteer teachers are not required to have prior teaching experience or a teaching certificate, VCV strives to create a conversational English exchange for locals of various ages and ability levels. New volunteers will be guided and assisted by other VCV volunteers and staff to quickly find their unique style. The VCV apartment is stocked with teaching materials and has a printer with wifi access. Youth classes are led with the assistance of a teaching aide and adult classes are led with another VCV volunteer. 

How many students in class will I be teaching for?

The size of class is from 5-15 students. 

Do we interact with the community outside the classroom?

On Sundays, we try to have one social outing or day trip to museums and/or sights. This is a less formal opportunity to share experiences and culture. This is a great chance to interact with your students within the VCV Community.

How else do we help the community?

Once a month, we support the homeless and under-privileged, by providing food, water, and milk. We will go out as a group and give hand-outs to this community in need. 

How are the community classes?

Community classes are very low price or completely free. You'll help the community better their chances of improving their English and confidence. University students improve their English to increase their future job prospects and business professionals hoping to be more competitive in the workplace.  

Class ages are from young children to adults. Topics are varied and there are plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, exchange language skills, and gain knowledge of our culture and way of life.


All volunteers will live in the volunteer apartment which is located in the Từ Liêm District. This is near our VCV Community Classroom and near a variety of local schools we teach at. Good accommodation, includes 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food for vegetarians/vegans is available. Coffee, Lipton tea, green tea.
Wi-Fi, laundry, hot water, AC, smart TV. A shared bedroom (3-4 volunteers per bedroom) but a private bed with own mattress, pillow, blanket, and sheet. 2 toilets with showers. It is always busy with your local volunteers that will help cook and clean around the house.


Very safe area. Everything you need is in our area. Surrounding our area are lots of banks with ATMs, supermarkets, a local market, a taxi, a hospital, a clinic, a pharmacy, a mall, gyms, yoga centre, bowling, a swimming pool, etc.

There are two nice cinemas ($3.5 for a ticket), restaurants, and lovely coffee shops with different styles ($1-2 per a drink).

Only a 3 minute walk to the bus station to get to Old Town and around Hanoi ($0.4 for a ticket), or 15 minute walk to the bus station to catch the bus/car to travel around Vietnam. 20-30 minutes by motorbike or bus to the Old Quarter and around Hanoi.

Close to the National Sports Stadium (My Dinh stadium). Nearby is Hanoi museum and National Convention Center.