Tell me about teaching

what do we require from our volunteers? 

We require that you speak English to an advanced level with a clear accent. This allows our students to have the best quality education and experience that we can offer. No teaching certificate required!


Volunteer teachers are not required to have any prior teaching experience or a teaching certificate. Upon arrival, fellow volunteers and staff will guide you until you are adjusted and understand your lesson plan. In our community classes, you will almost always be with a fellow volunteer. In local schools, you will have the assistance of a local teaching aide.

If you are looking for other assistance, the VCV apartment is stocked with resources like: teaching materials, computer, printer, and wifi access.


Community classes are for adults in Vietnam to learn English. The government does not allow public lessons for adults past university, so you have to study privately. We have set up a community classroom for those that wish to learn English at a very low price or completely free. These classes help the community engage in conversational English which is lacking in the education system of Vietnam. Through your teaching, we hope to improve their English and confidence in communicating. University students improve their English to increase their future job prospects and business professionals are hoping to be more competitive in the workplace. Class ages are from children to adults. Topics are varied and there are plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, exchange language skills, and gain knowledge of our culture and way of life.

what age are the STUDENTS?

In our community classes, students range from their teens to thirties. In the local schools, you will teach students ranging anywhere from kindergarten to young teens.

HOW MANY STUDENTS are there per class?

It depends on the class and the level, but on average there will be anywhere from five to thirty students.


As a volunteer, you will teach at a variety of classes. Some classes will be held at a community classroom, which is within walking distance to the volunteer apartment. Other classes will be taught at local schools; these classes are a 15-30 minute drive for which we will provide transport.

HOW much time will I dedicate to the program and TEACHING itself?   

No more than 20 hours/five days a week. Time preparing for your classes and making lesson plans is not included within this time. The time it takes you to prepare is outside those hours, which usually takes approximately an additional hour a day.

Each week, there will also be an optional outing to a cultural center, outdoor activity, or social event — all outings will include both the community of students and teachers. We encourage you to attend these events to promote cultural exchange, friendships, and see Hanoi from a local view. Otherwise, volunteers will have lots of free time to explore Hanoi and relax.